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When sending in your iPhone you MUST have a tracking number in order to monitor its whereabouts. Please do not input "iPhone repair" on the package as it makes it a target for theft. If shipping from east coast, iPhone will arrive at our facility within 1 or 2 business days. iPhone will be repaired and shipped the same day with a tracking number. If we receive your package on Monday morning you will have it back by Wednesday or Thursday. When sending in your iPhone please insert a piece of paper with your return address inside the package, also please do NOT put on the sending address, that will make it a target for theft. Do not send it in original box, all we need is the iPhone. The prices below include shipping.


When iPhone is received, we will diagnose it and estimate the cost of the repair. We will then contact you either by
E-mail or telephone with an estimate. Upon approval we will start the repairs on your iPhone right away. We will repair it and ship it the same day, we have all the tools and parts we need to repair any iPhone 3G or 3GS. We take several different types of payment debit card, money order, paypal and credit card NO CHECKS. Once payment is made your iPhone will be shipped within 10 minutes, the post office is right across the street from us as you can see from google maps. If you would like a picture of the repaired iPhone before it is shipped for your approval it maybe done so. We do not want anyone to dislike their repair, like we state on our home page we focus on quality. Others offer iPhone repair but might not focus on quality and durability, please do not associate us with other iPhone repair companies.


We offer a 6 month warranty on all parts, services and labor charges. Warranty is for defective parts only. Misuse, drops, water damage or anything besides what we replaced is not covered by our warranty. We do not look for reasons not to honor our warranty we want happy customers. In the event your repair is defective (we test all units thoroughly before being shipped out and packaged very carefully) we will E-mail you a paid overnight shipping label all you will have to do is print it out and ship the iPhone back to us. Thank you or viewing our site.

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

All repairs come with a 6 month warranty


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