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Quality is our major concern. We repair iPhones with unnoticeable blemishes, we make it look like it was out of the box. Glass and screen repairs take 10 minutes. All other repairs take 30-45 minutes. An appointment must be made for any repair, we do this so you can get the best service and our undivided attention. All iPhones brought in for repair must be charged all cases must be removed from the iPhone and the passcode must be removed prior to the repair. All repairs are done while you wait. In most cases severe water damage cannot be repaired, we never saw an electronic that can take a swim and still work. People who offer water damage repair usually do not repair it just get it working but will not work right. The battery will drain quickly, your iPhone will miss calls, you will get no service, your display will not show properly, those are just a few symptoms of water damage. The only way to repair water damaged iPhones is to replace the logic board which we offer as one of our services. Please keep in mind that is in most cases, in some cases the water damage was not severe and we were able to salvage the iphone and make it work like it’s suppose to. WE ONLY USE GENUINE APPLE PARTS. Other iPhone repair shops offer repairs with genuine Apple products, in fact they use chinese imitations that usually break within a few months after the repair has been made. We have repaired 1000s of iPhones with 100% satisfied customers. We have been in the Apple repair business for 10 years and have seen every problem, Apple iPhones and all Apple products have made and repaired every single one. We ask that you feel confident in our services, we can repair ANY problem your iPhone is causing, 100% guaranteed. A diagnostic is provided free of charge even if you do not repair your iphone with us. We offer a 6 month warranty on all parts services and labor charges. Warranty is for defective parts only... Misuse, drops, water damage or anything besides what we replaced is not functioning is not covered by our warranty. We do not look for reasons not to honor our warranty we want satisfied customers. Please get our address from our contacts page or E-mail us at Below is our repair pricing list, prices are cheaper when paying in store because of paypal and shipping fee’s. The prices below include return shipping.

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

All repairs come with a 6 Month warranty.


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