Our App Store Picks


We have tried a lot of iPhone app’s in the last 3 years. We thought it would be nice if we would give everyone the heads up on all the great and productive app’s. Our opinion of a good app is a productive app an app that cuts your work time in half or reduces your dependance on other devices. Please let us know if you have any other nice apps that you would like for us to post on our website and that will help others. These apps can be downloaded at the app's store or cydia whichever is mentioned on the description. If you would like one of your app’s on our site please let us know the name of the app and we will test it and make sure it worth our top picks. Thank you everyone for reading and enjoy these apps they will make your life a lot


Tomtom                    tomtom2                    tomtom4                    tomtom3

Our first choice is the TomTom for the iphone. As you know almost everyone owns a GPS we have tried almost every GPS and we have concluded that TomTom is the way to go when it comes to GPS’s. The great feature on the TomTom for the iphone is the TomTom traffic. There is a 19.99 optional feature which predicts traffic conditions and reroutes your vehicle automatically when there is heavy traffic. It is very easy to use, google search is also included with this app so you can search google maps near your area or destination. The cost for this app is $49.99 and a optional $19.99 for TomTom traffic.

Personal Assistant

personal                    personal2                    pageonce4                    personal3

When it comes to bill organization nothing beats Personal assistant from Almost every single bill you pay online can be integrated into this app. Once setup is complete all bills are monitored through personal assistant. When registering you have to give your E-mail so they can E-mail you every time a bill is due or coming up or if anything changes on your account. Using this app you will never be overcharged or get charged a late fee. Your Ebay account can also be integrated with this app this way you can see your last sales and purchases. Paypal is also another account you can view through this app. One of our personal favorites.


cardcaller                    cardcaller1                   cardcaller2                    cardcaller3

For all those people who have family and friends overseas and do not want to get charged outrages fee's talking to them, here is your answer. If you already know where to get calling cards with good rates, the only thing the user will have to do is add a card in the card manager. Input the access number and then the pin number of the card. When a call is placed select your saved card and it will dial the access number, pin number and last your contact. In the event you do not have a card you may buy one from cardcaller's store. They have reasonable rates usually anywhere from 1.5 cents to 2.5 cents a minute.

GV Mobile

gvmobile1                   gvmobile                    gmobile5                    gvmobile6

Another great app, This app gives you a second voip line on to your iPhone for free. All you have to do is sign up for a google voice account. Puerto Rico and Canada is included free of charge. You can s.m.s (text) anyone in the world and get visual voicemail, your voice mails are also E-mailed to you and transcripted so you can read your voicemail. The number can be put in do not disturb after closing time. This app runs just like a regular phone would. We should all thank google for this app. This app can only be downloaded from Cydia. The price is free, there is a + version which costs $1.99 there really is no difference from the + and the regular version.

Apps Tracker

freeapps                    freeapp1                    Apptracker4                    apptracker2

The title says it all. This app will locate all the free apps and all apps that have gone down in price. It will also give you a description of what each app can do. If you are a app fanatic this app is for you.

Inrix Traffic

      inrix                    inrix1                   inrix2                   inrix3

This is a must have application this a free application that can be downloaded directly from the apps store. This application is like your maps app on steroids. Inrix will show you where you are and show you where the traffic is happening with its green yellow and red lines. You may also see why there is traffic happening if it is construction that is causing the traffic or if it is an accident that is causing traffic. You may also report an incident and that will update their systems right away. This app is free but there is a subscription $19.95 a year and you may also see live traffic cameras in your metro area(not necessary). All around this is a good app on top of that it is free and very simple to use. The way I use it is right before I leave my house I turn on Inrix to see which route I should take to where I am going. If I see red lines all around I turn my television on and wait for the traffic to die down. This is very precise with traffic. I tested it on I-95 from Rhode Island to New York every single time i was in traffic it was red and it also showed me how long the traffic was.


       Vnc1                   vnc2                  vnc3                  vnc4

Vnc is a remote application that lets you control your computer at home that is powered on, by using either your iphone or your ipad. To use the app you must install the vnc server onto your windows computer or enable vnc remote settings on your mac sharing system preferences. Once installation is done you must setup your password and ports. You should read up on firewalls and ports when using this program. Once all that is done you now can remote into your computer and make sure any job that needs to be done on your home or office computer can be completed. My thoughts on this app is if your iphone cannot do a task your computer can always do it from your iphone or ipad no matter where you are.

Air Video Server

       airvideo5                  airvideo3                  airvideo4                  air Video 6

Air Video Server is an one of my favorites. This app does exactly what the title says. It is a video server. You must install there easy to use software, which is available for both mac and PC before this app actually works. Once you download their software you must then setup a pin for security. You may then sync your iPhone or iPad for with that same pin and i.p. address. You then select which folder you would like to be “shared” on air video server from your computer and all media can be converted and viewed directly on your iPad or iPhone.

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