Apple & Microsoft Repair


As we have been repairing Apple products for the last 10 years we have been repairing Microsoft products for the last 15 years. We have experience in both platforms, we have found ways to integrate both systems and networks to work together rather than asking which is better. We offer a 6 month warranty on all repairs. We make sure your computer Mac or PC is running the way it should run. We remove any viruses or spyware your computer may have, reduce startup time on your systems and make sure you are satisfied with all your repairs. These are just a few services we offer, below is a list of other services we offer.

LCD Replacement - Broken L.C.D. on your laptop we can repair it and make it look new.

Operating System Installation - If you need to upgrade your operating system we can upgrade it with a legal version of any operating system depending on your system requirements (Windows 7, Windows XP, OS X 10.6) We try and stay away from vista there was to many bugs.

Memory Upgrades
- If you find your machine running slow sometimes it is best you upgrade your memory, we can upgrade to the max your motherboard can handle at the best price.

Hard Drive
- It is always good to have a good hard drive in your computer, with a good hard drive and a lot of capacity you can avoid losing information from a corrupt hard drive and avoid having to use an external hard drive.

File System Sharing - If you have a p.c. and mac at your home or business and would them to share files between each other we create a compatible network to work together.

Building Networks - If you have a small business and would like to setup multiple workstations we can set them up with different platforms and with the speed your company deserves.

Data Back Up - If you would like we can back up your files on a web server for immediate access and for a back up, in case your computer does not work you will always have our back up available.

Custom Built Computer Systems - If you are in need of a computer we can build computer with multiple platforms which means it will be able to run OS X or Windows 7, you pick before start up which platform you need. We can also build custom computer that run either Windows 7 or OS X.

Technical Support - Our technical support team is here to help Monday - Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., we love to answer questions and make sure the problem is solved before the phone call has ended.

Data Recovery - Failed hard drive? Important files? Please call us before throwing away your hard drive we cannot guarantee we will save everything but we can sure try.

Wire Installation - If we need to cut a wall to install a wire inside we have an onsite construction crew that will seal the wall and match the color paint of the wall, we guarantee your walls will look better than they did before we installed the wires.

Software Installation - Certain software requires certain installation and custom settings to work correctly.

Virus Protection - We have the best Anti-Virus software that we have created ourselves, we are almost certain using our software viruses will be a thing of the past.

Firewall Protection - Sometimes firewall settings are not set correct, this leaves your computer open to hackers, your personal data may not be personal if your firewall settings are not correct. We create our own customized settings for each client and make sure everything is secure.

Mobile Device Sync - If you have a mobile device or have a business with multiple devices and would like to stream data so that every mobile device syncs together we offer that as another one of our services.

Create User Database - We create user databases so that certain users can have more privileges than others. This way networks and systems are not misused and destroyed by guests.

Website Creation - If a website is needed for a business we can also create a website that will look fantastic and will be very user friendly.

E-Commerce - Along with creating a website some businesses need to accept payments online with credit and debit cards. Our secure systems will make sure each purchase has a very tight security for all customers.

Point Of Sale Setup - If you are planning to open a new store you will need point of sale hardware and software. An example of that is a bar code reader and an electronics cashier.

Media Sharing Setup - If your business has powerpoint presentations or videos you like to show new employees we can stream them to be viewed on any computer with a user name and password.

Computer Programming - Some programs do not do everything you or your business needs done. We have programmers that can create custom software to run on each workstation you may have.

Google Advertising - There is no better place to advertise than google. We can create campaign ads, google map ads for your business and make sure money and time is not wasted on wrong keywords.

Security Camera Installation - Every store should have at least 1 security camera installed. Our security cameras are constantly monitoring what is going on and is recorded on a web server with an undisclosed location. That way no one can tamper with evidence everything is recorded on a 24 hour basis and is deleted once a month unless the business owner needs the data. We use the panasonic recording software which is known for its quality and dependability.

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